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This week at the Barber School: Is your hair healthy?

Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off


Having a healthy head of hair isn’t a herculean task, but it’s hard to understand the basics of what makes hair healthy or not. In fact, you learn in barbering school that tending to the general well-being of your skin and scalp is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Your hair is the brain’s first protector from the dangers associated with UV exposure; And your skin is the first barrier to the entire outside world.

So in the spirit of helping you get a better understanding of your hair, here’s a few things to keep in mind when pondering on your gorgeous mane.


How to Analyze

Analyzing hair is very simple because it simply calls to your senses. With practice, you can define qualities of the hair very quickly. You don’t need some expensive equipment or anything like that; just a few minutes with a mirror in a decently-lit room. Here’s a few pointers:


Using your Eyes

Observation quickly defines your hair’s general health. Is it too oily or maybe too dry? Do you have a large quantity of dandruff accumulating at the base? Simple observation generally isn’t very indicative of much more, but from this you can already identify if you might need some specific type of shampoo or conditioner.


Get your hands in there


This is perhaps the best way to go about analyzing your hair. Running your fingers through your hair will leave a few indicators. Healthy hair usually has the following properties:


  • Not too oily, not too dry. You shouldn’t feel like you have to wipe your hands after running your fingers in.
  • Not too sensitive. Gently tugging your hair shouldn’t be painful. Yes you will feel a slight sting, but it shouldn’t be noticeably discomforting.
  • Doesn’t leave too much residue. You might find a bit of dandruff and a few hair who naturally came off. A gentle tug shouldn’t rip hairs out.


Trust your nose

Hair is naturally odorless. We often end up perfuming it with shampoos, conditioners and other products which can end up masking greater conditions. If after simply rinsing your hair clean, you happen upon noticeable odours coming from your scalp, it might be sign of an underlying condition.


When in doubt, talk it out

And this is the point we couldn’t stress enough. If you think you think something is up with your hair, you can go see your favourite barber and ask them, they might be able to give you pointers and also be able to tell you to see your doctor.


So in short,

Your hair and skin are an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and knowing when to seek professional help is very important. There’s treatments and solutions for just about anything out there, but it all has to start with you.

Stay Classy, Stay Informed.

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