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Job’s got you feelin’ down? Join our Barber School

Giving a look at your career and feeling like you’re missing out? Yeah, so have we. You’re right to think that you can find something more stimulating, more exciting; And that’s why we founded our barber school.

We found our new path in educating the next best barbers. With so many shared years of experience and self-growth, we found new purpose in guiding you to a field you can feel passionate about.

3-month barber class

At the barber school, you’ll learn everything you need to get a new life going; From the basics of hair and beard care to the most complex techniques of fading and tapering, we got you covered. You’ll have educators who care about your success and you’ll spend 108h in training with real experts; we’re not here to give grades, we’re here to change lives.

Master the Trade

The barbering class we provide is meant to set you on the path to mastering the trade. We’ll give you all the tools and skills you need to be successful. Our top of the line curriculum ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of your newfound passion; A complete formula.

[tt_service_box icon_type=”icon_image” image=”2342″ title=”Presentation” description=”What’s the point of an amazing haircut if you don’t understand how to showcase it the best way possible? Learn all about men’s grooming and how to style a cut that stands out.” imagesize=”48×57″]
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[tt_service_box icon_type=”icon_image” image=”21″ title=”Beard Work” description=”Nothing stands out like an awesome looking beard, save maybe an awful looking one. Learn all about keeping that growth in check.” imagesize=”39×59″]
[tt_service_box icon_type=”icon_image” image=”18″ title=”Shaving” description=”Learn all about using razors. Providing a comfortable shave is a staple of quality barbering.” imagesize=”38×57″]

So What does the Barber School include?

During your time at the barber school, you’ll have the chance to work with some of the best barbers around as well as use top-quality equipment. We want your time with us to be formative; If you can’t make it in the field after following our education, it’s because you don’t want to. Our students benefit from:


108 Hour program over 3 months of theoretical and practical knowledge

Knowledge from some of the best barbers around

We’ll lend you all the tools required to complete your education

Small semi-private groups of maximum 6 students

A professional photo shoot to get your portfolio started

And the possibility of a paid internship after graduating!


We know you have bills to pay; So we can even offer you to pay in three installments!

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Barbering is about community. In all my years in the trade, I’ve had the chance of working alongside some of the most amazing and passionate artists of the barbering world. I founded the school because I want to foster this spirit of community and growth; completing our course will set you on your new life path.

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Barbering to me is about precision and dedication. It’s a trade with thousands of years of rich history, and it’s only now gaining the momentum it has long been deserving. Being a Career Barber means you always have to be improving; you’re only as good as your dedication. Teaching at the school is a dream come true to me because I get to impart knowledge and help set people on a life-changing path.

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I never would’ve believed I could love a career so freaking much. When I started a few years ago, I didn’t even know that our scissors were called shears. And today, I get to meet some of the most talented people in all fields of work. Whether in my chair for a cut or a student of ours, people amaze me. To me, being an educator is not only about technique; but also about the human factor. We set you on a path with the skills required to succeed and have a meaningful impact in our world.

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I’ve been working with the guys for about 3 years now; although it barely feels like one. When I started barbering, I never would’ve expected the domain to have such an impact on my life; I simply fell in love with my job. And now, after spending these few years alongside highly motivated artists, I’m proud to join the team in training a new breed of barbering professionals.

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Barbering to me is 90% behind the scenes, 10% on the floor. Having the skill to offer a good cut is one thing, but having the right tools, tips, tricks and full understanding of what the hair is and how everything you do provides a different effect than the next; That’s where the mastery is found. With the quantity of head shapes, face shapes and hair proprieties; I found my calling in the details. When I joined the Jim le Barbier salon a few years ago, I never would’ve expected it to lead to such a rapid ascent career-wise. And now, I’m super proud to join the team in educating the next line of professional barbers.

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A few years ago, I felt down on my luck. Not the kind of “oh it’ll get better soon” thing either. It was the kind of thing where food wasn’t that tasty, beers were easier to lift and a good evening consisted of sitting alone on the couch, watching TV and not even replying to my messages. I can honestly say that barbering saved me. Living your life without purpose or enjoyment is truly disheartening; And it was in passion for this amazing trade that I got to once more enjoy chocolate cake; as tasty as it should be.


From the Blog

As professional barbers, we believe in a greater sense of community. In our blog, we share our knowledge freely, because we believe in contributing to the greater growth of our age-old profession.

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Come visit our Barber School

The class is currently being taught at the well-renowned Jim le Barbier salon in Laval, QC. Come in for a visit and you’ll be convinced that this is the place for you.


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